Online events May 5, 2023 - June 23, 2023  | Brussels event July 6-8, 2023

Further programme updates for online and Brussels events will arrive early 2023

IADMFR On Tour - Event Dates

Online World Tour

May 5,    2023          Latin America  


May 12,  2023          North America  


May 26,  2023          Europe     


June 3,   2023           Middle East    


June 9,   2023           Africa  


June 16, 2023           Asia    


June 23, 2023           Australasia               

Brussels Event

July 6, 2023


July 7, 2023     Brussels, Belgium 


July 8, 2023            

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From November 20, 2022 to January 31, 2023

Dear Participants,




The IADMFR is honored to present the IADMFR 2023 Worldtour in June and July 2023. The IADMFR is biannually organizing the largest and most important event on dentomaxillofacial radiology. The 2023 event is organized by the IADMFR headquarters office, from its central location in Brussels, in the heart of Europe. We envisage participation of 1000 specialists online and 300 onsite. 


Under the current circumstances, our association has proven its resilience by organizing several successful activities. The 2023 Worldtour will build further on this resilience and allow us to unify both online and live as such to become stronger as a community.


The unique concept of this worldtour will create remarkable opportunities for participants and companies. During the IADMFR 2023 Worldtour, the virtual and live exhibition spaces are excellent platforms to showcase your company and promote your service and equipment.  


We are looking forward to meet you on this unique event. 


Prof. Reinhilde Jacobs 

Dept. Imaging & Pathology/ OMFS-IMPATH Research Group

KU Leuven – Group Biomedical Sciences l

Oral and Maxillo-facial Surgery – UZ Leuven


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Brussels Event

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